College Board

The College Council

In compliance with the regulations and the present charter, and in compliance with the decisions of the Board of Trustees and the University Council, the College Council manages all college affairs.

The College Council is entitled to:

  • Suggest appointing, exchange, delegating and promoting faculty members and lecturers.
  • Suggest or amend syllabi, in coordination with the departments.
  • Suggest academic programs, textbooks and references of the college.
  • Promote and coordinate scientific research, and work on publishing the research papers.
  • Suggest the dates and organize the process of examinations.
  • Suggest the college regulations.
  • Suggest the training and exchange programs needed.
  • Suggest the extracurricular activities plan of the college.
  • Settle matters related to students’ majors and refer all other matters to the University Council.
  • Consider and pronounce on all matters referred to it by the University Council or the Rector.

The College Council is entitled to form permanent or temporary committees that consists of its members and can include other individuals.