Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

The Department of Physical Education and Sports Science is one of the applied scientific departments in the College of Education for Girls and aspires to be one of the important centers through its development of renewable standards for institutional and academic quality in the faculties of physical education and sports sciences at the global level and fulfilling the requirements and standards of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and the achievement of excellence and educational leadership that contribute In building a knowledge society, to become the department (house of expertise) The first is for female students at the national and regional level to reach the ranks of colleges of education with a global standing based on scientific programs, applied activities and educational services in the field of physical education and sports with continuous and tangible development and modernization in line with the demands of the age and its local and regional changes and competitiveness by raising the level of quality of outputs for all programs to ensure that female graduates are met Section for the requirements of the labor market.

The future vision also aims to establish a building for the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences with all its annexes and halls, a closed swimming pool for female students of the department and college, a laboratory for physiology and sports medicine, a laboratory for biomechanics and kinetic analysis, and a laboratory for sports psychology.

The message of the department

The Department of Physical Education and Sports Science seeks to prepare, rehabilitate and graduate female physical education teachers who are able to perform their educational and applied professions efficiently, with distinction and advancement, possessing moral values, ideals and educational principles, and striving to serve, develop and develop the community locally and regionally by fulfilling quality standards to establish an educated, secure community based on a high level of effectiveness. Achieving excellence in discovery, learning, and engaging in activities related to health, kinetic and sports sciences, while responding to the diversity of The needs of the community, the problems of the sports educational field and the challenges of comprehensive development by introducing initiatives for sports educational reform and the optimal use of knowledge, research and technology in light of the values ​​and needs of the community and in accordance with the standards of academic accreditation. The department seeks to achieve its mission by harnessing the results of scientific research and the principles of sports sciences to raise the level of health and sports achievement.

Department goals

1- Preparing and qualifying distinguished female educators and professionals who interact socially and possess distinguished technical and electronic capabilities and contribute to the continuation of their professional growth in accordance with the values ​​and needs of society and academic accreditation standards.

2- Providing a sophisticated, distinguished and modern level of scientific curricula and courses in various sciences related to physical education and sports sciences.

3- Scientific communication with colleges and departments of physical education locally and regionally with the aim of exchanging applied experiences, and enriching theoretical knowledge related to the various sciences of physical education and sports.

4- Contribute to providing consultations and scientific, educational and applied expertise to institutions, clubs, sports federations and the media with the aim of serving and developing the community and solving its problems in the field of physical education.

5- Planning and implementing preparation and training programs for the sports teams that represent the university in sports festivals and tournaments at the level of student activity management for the department and college.

6- Encouraging faculty members in the department to produce distinguished and innovative scientific research and participate in scientific conferences and specialized seminars, with the aim of developing procedural scientific solutions and recommendations for problems related to physical education sciences.

7- Develop the creative abilities of the students and train them to use the scientific method of thinking to face and treat all public and private problems.

8- To develop cultural awareness of the importance of sports practice in all its forms and fields among the female students of the department, the college and the rest of the community, by organizing courses, tournaments and sports activities.

9- Establishing reciprocal relations with quality assurance and accreditation bodies and organizations at the regional level, by providing the necessary expertise and providing technical support to these committees in order to obtain accreditation.

10- Working on developing a sense of responsibility, emphasizing integrity and combating corruption in all areas of life, and that the student bears responsibility towards her family and society, and that she be a mother for the future by investing time in reading, and that her motto is always scientific excellence and carrying the scientific message in order to achieve scientific ranks.

11- Gaining the confidence of the community in the outcomes of the educational process by consolidating the relationship between the department, the college and the community to develop and improve the services provided by the department and the college.