Department of Arabic Language

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
The Department of Arabic Language welcomes the female students and wishes them all success. This is one of the Humanities Departments in the College of Education for Girls/University of Mosul.
The Department of Arabic Language welcomes its dearest female students from all Iraqi governorates. It strives with all its human capacity and material capabilities to qualify its graduates to work in the field of education. The department has exerted all its efforts to offer many services as well as academic potential. It vigorously seeks to inculcate human values and ideals that act in building the female students’ personality to be followed examples on the scientific and educational levels.


The Arabic Language Department believes in the necessity of human development in order to advance female students and enhance cultural and human values. Through teaching linguistic heritage and preserving linguistic identity, he believes that creating civilization and achieving growth and development in various areas of life stems from preparing minds, nurturing tastes, and raising the efficiency of work and performance in state institutions and society. The effectiveness of the learner’s performance in the Arabic language is reflected in the social environment and institutions in a way that builds a cultural, intellectual, and scientific base that guarantees ways to move to advanced stages in teaching the Arabic language, preserving its identity and strengthening its position among other languages.


The department has an educational and scientific mission that it works to deliver to society through its students. By working on the approach that brings our authentic social, religious and national values, and enhancing linguistic and literary knowledge in order to make the department’s educational and scientific process a success.


The department aims to enhance the status of the Arabic language among other languages, and seeks to enhance its role in intellectual and cognitive cohesion in various human and scientific specializations, by raising a generation with a high degree of experience and culture, and preparing female teachers with high scientific skills. By preparing female students to be successful educators, developing their knowledge to advance in the linguistic and literary fields, and involving them in scientific, cultural, and social competitions and events in order to demonstrate women’s true role in society. The department has future goals and ambitions that contribute to raising and developing the scientific level. Through seminars, courses and conferences that he holds periodically.

Panoramic View 
The Department of Arabic Language was founded in 2005. It seeks to find optimal and successful ways to qualify female students who can master Arabic language and its literature to serve the language of Quran. Also , it aims to qualify good secondary schools teachers to serve the community in which they live .Moreover , It tries to let them gain linguistic skills and experience in writing stories, essays , poems, and oratory .Arabic Language and Literature” involves the study of the Arabic language in all its aspects. The focus is on enabling students to reach a level of professionalism, eloquence, and fluency in the language. The goal is to equip them with skills in analysis, criticism, thinking, writing, rhetoric, reading, and listening, in addition to producing texts in the Arabic language. Ultimately, the aim is for the specialization’s graduates to achieve a level of linguistic creativity.