Department of Chemistry

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate .
The  Department of Chemistry is one of the teaching-oriented scientific departments in the College of Education for Girls/ University of Mosul. The department was founded in 2006. It welcomes female students from all the  Iraqi governorates. It strives to be an outstanding department making use of all human potential, and material capabilities to qualify graduates to serve as teachers of Chemistry. Currently, the Department awards Bachelor of Science and Master of Science. Hopefully,  the PhD  will be available in the near future After obtaining the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research o


The department’s vision – to improve female students and develop their abilities – begins by developing, improving, and modernizing the department’s scientific and practical capabilities to achieve quality educational outcomes, as it works to teach the scientific foundations and principles of chemistry and teach female students the various branches of chemistry (organic, inorganic, analytical, biological, physical, and industrial). The department seeks to develop a branch of polymer chemistry and to provide the opportunity for distinguished female students to complete their postgraduate studies (Master’s – Doctorate).


The department’s mission stems from the mission of the College of Education for Girls. The mission of the Chemistry Department is educational, pedagogical, and advisory to build a cadre of competent female teachers and give them the ideal capabilities, skills, attitudes, and values by preparing them and qualifying them academically and professionally to work in teaching at all intermediate and preparatory levels and enabling them to use modern techniques and methods in teaching. .


  1. Preparing specialized scientific competencies in chemistry to serve education programs and plans in secondary schools.
  2. Preparing female graduates and qualifying them scientifically, culturally and socially to contribute to the field of development and advancement in society.
  3. Holding guidance lectures that benefit female students.
  4. Conducting academic and applied scientific research.
  5. Contributing to spreading scientific culture by holding scientific conferences and seminars.
  6. Providing technical services in the field of chemistry to the government and private sectors.
  7. Providing modern books, references, and research in all chemistry disciplines to provide the opportunity for female students to be informed of the latest knowledge

A Panoramic view 

The Chemistry Department offers undergraduate students the chance to acquire a comprehensive foundational understanding of various branches of chemistry. This includes general lecture courses covering inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry, as well as a range of specialized courses such as analytical, organic and non organic chemistry . Practical laboratory experience is provided in areas like inorganic and organic synthesis, analytical techniques, physical chemistry experiments, spectroscopy, biochemical engineering, and nuclear technology applications. Emphasis is placed on encouraging independent and innovative work within the lab, with access to state-of-the-art equipment for conducting experiments.