Department of Biology

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. On my behalf and on the department of Biology staff members’ behalf, we welcome female students who would like to apply to the department of Biology which is one of the academic departments that are interested in scientific, educational, pedagogical, and guiding aspects. In the beginning, The Department of Biology was founded in the academic year 2006 and included at that time an elite of 10 members who started working and striving hard just as a core to form an integrated unit for the coming years. The department includes more than 30 members who work in various fields of Biology. The degree given by the department is a BSc in Biology. In the academic year ( 2009 – 2010), the number of graduates was (29) students, in the academic year ( 2010-2011 ) the number of graduates increased to (39) in the academic year (2011-2012) the number of graduates was (28) students. Staff members of the department have participated developmentally and improvingly in seminars and scientific conferences, training courses, and workshops to develop and improve their performance. The Department seeks to start postgraduate studies ( M.Sc. ) in microbiology ( plant and animal ) due to the availability of modern laboratory devices and the keen teaching staff members. The Department of Biology witnesses observed arrival especially this academic year (2012-2013 ) in comparison with the previous academic years owing to the extraordinary effort done. Actually, the department strives to provide the latest techniques and modern scientific methods theoretical and practical. Forwardly, staff members have agreed upon qualifying students of good quality depending on the belief in the principles of our religion to serve our country.

The vision

The vision of the department is to achieve comprehensive scientific progress that serves all aspects of society and urge it forwardly via the future role played by its graduates who have been qualified scientifically and practical to keep pace with advances in technology and developed scientific laboratories.

The Message

The Message of the department is determined by qualifying morally and scientifically distinguished and professional graduates in the field of teaching, In addition to increase the staff members efficiency via establishing training courses, , seminars ,symposiums and grants besides the provision of modern technologies, and letting the door to cooperation open with various universities and institutions.

The Objectives

The objectives of the department is qualifying students professionally in the field of teaching Biology as a science . In addition to search ,to study the recent trends in the field of Biology and to cope with the scientific developments in the field .Furthermore , being in touch scientifically with other departments of Biology of other colleges of education at the national level to exchange experiences and to encourage staff members to present distinguished scientific researches . The last objective is encouraging graduates to keep up with developments in science and knowledge.

A Panoramic View 

The department of Biology , one of the College of Education for girls departments , was founded in 2006 . It includes the essential specializations of Biology , Animal, Botany, and Microbiology theoretically and practically. In addition , teaching students other various educational materials that are necessary . This is done by the teaching staff members who are qualified scientifically and practically and morally enough .These members have used the latest techniques and successful methods of teaching. The modern laboratory devices helped heavily to qualify students scientifically and rehabilitate them academically and professionally as teachers in secondary and preparatory schools as well as institutes in the near future..