15 August، 2023

The Poetic Actor in the Poetry of Muhammad Abd Al-Bari

Master’s thesis in the College of Education for Human Sciences on the poetic actor in the poetry of Muhammad Abd al-Bari

The College of Education for Human Sciences at the University of Mosul discussed a master’s thesis on the poetic actor in the poetry of Muhammad Abd al-Bari, on 15 8.2023. Part of It was attended by Professor Dr. Hazem Dhanoun Ismail, Dean of the College and Head of the Department, Dr. Amin Luqman Al-Habar, and a number of faculty teachers.

The thesis submitted by student Nadia Hussein Ali in the Department of Arabic Language dealt with verbs that appeared in poetry of Muhammad Abdel Bari, and they were active elements in his text.

The study touched on monitoring these factors, so the rhythm and Its variations, the poetic vision and its Imaginary, symbolic, and prophetic dimensions, were the most important factors in his poetry.

The study aims to derive the connotations of the poetic text by standing at the most influential factors in constructing a text

The poet thus reveals the meanings of the text.

The discussion committee was chaired by:

Prof. Dr. Faisal Ghazi Mohammed Al Nuaimi

And the membership of each of the assistant professor, Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Mawgoud Hassan,

Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Younis Saleh,

Under the supervision and membership of Prof. Dr. Ghanem Saleh Sultan Al-Hamdani.