College’s Structure

Organizational structure of the College of Medicine

College Council

  • Dean’s office
  • Council Secretariat
  • Scientific Affairs
  • Central Examination Committee
  • Annals of the College Medicine, Mosul

First: the divisions and units associated with the Dean of the College


  • Internal censorship and inspection Division Assistant Account Manager Badr Walid Badr Najm

Division of the Secretariat of the Council                         Assistant Director, Yousra Abdel-Razzaq Dawood

  • Division of Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Lecturer Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Harbi (Division Responsible)

Quality Assurance Unit

Performance and assessment unit

Medical Education Unit Prof. Dr. Ghaith Waddah Hamdoun

Laboratory quality Unit

Training and technical support unit

  • Media and Public Relations Division  Lecturer Dr. Ihsan Hassan Al-Dabbagh (Division Responsible)

media unit

Public relations unit

Website Unit                      Assistant Professor Dr. Nida ‘a Salem Omar


Second: the divisions and units associated with the Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs

  • Division of Scholar and Cultural Relations  Assistant Professor Dr. Omaima Abdel-Razzaq Zubair

Students studying abroad unit

Cultural Relations Unit

qualifications Equivalency Unit

  • Scientific Affairs Division  Lecturer Dr. Rana Mumtaz Raouf

Scientific Research Unit

Marketing Academic Products Unit

Library unit                             assistant teacher meeting Khalil Othman

  • Registration Division Lecturer Dr. Ashraf Abdel-Rahim Al-Samadi (College Registrar)

chores and Endorsements

continuers unit

Registration and admission unit

  • Post Graduate Studies Division  Lecturer Dr. Khaled Walid Turki

acceptance unit

Student Affairs Follow-up Unit

  • Studies and Planning Division

The Statistics Unit                   senior statistician, Safaa Younis Ismail Al Zaywani

Planning, training and development unit




  • Division of the Iraqi Board for medical specialization Mosul training Centre Assistant Professor Dr. Nadia Hazem


  • Continuing Education Unit Ass Prof. Dr. Naglaa Ibrahim Al Sammak
  • Supportive Sciences Unit  Assistant Lecturer, Mona Zaidan Hamdy
  • E-learning unit Ass Lecturer Farah Haitham
  • Rehabilitation, employment and follow-up unit  Lecturer Dr. Muhammad Jassim Ahmed


Third, the divisions and units associated with the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs


division and unity

  • Division of student activities Lecturer Dr. Muhammad Khair al-Din Saleh
  • Legal Affairs Division Legal Adviser Assistant Intisar Sabbar Al-Dulaimi (Division Officer)
  • Administrative Affairs Division Senior Engineer Muhannad Abdel Moneim (Department Manager)


maintenance unit

Services unit



  • Human Resources Division Assistant Director Abdul Qadir Muhammad Daham (Division Responsible)

employee’s unit

Teachers’ unit

Recruitment and staffing unit

Retirement unit

Electronic files and documentation unit

  • Finance Division Assistant Director of Accounts, Emad Abdel Karim Hajji

Salaries unit

Budget unit

Financial Fund unit

The Store unit

Cash unit


  • Paper Unit Assistant Lecturer Wafaa Sabry
  • Printer and Reproduction Unit Assistant Director Esraa Lokman Hammadi
  • Educational Guidance Uni  Assistant Lecturer Elaf Abdel Wahab Hamdy
  • Computer Maintenance Engineering Unit  Assistant Chief Engineer, Hussein Nizar Saleh