Continuing Education Unit

Continuing Education Unit

Brief introduction about the Continuing Education Unit:

Work on the Continuing Education Unit began from 16/10/2018 until now. The Unit is administratively linked to the vice dean for Scientific Affairs.

The Unit staff:

The unit staff consists of the Unit Director and one Administrative employee.

– Dr. Waleed Khaled Saadoun/Assistant lecturer/Former Director of the Unit “for the period from 16/10/2018 to 20/9/2020.

-Dr. Najla Ibrahim Mahmoud/Assistant Professor/Unit Director for the period from 20/9/2020 until now.

-Nada Mahmoud Abdullah/ Administrative employee of the Unit from 16/10/2018 until 2022.

Tasks of the Unit:

The Unit provides its services to beneficiaries of professors and employees. The Unit carries out all scientific activities and events of the College such as: courses, seminars and workshops.

-Nomination of lecturer for teaching methods courses.

-Nomination of lecturer and staff for Arabic language courses.

-Nomination of lecturer and staff for various general courses.

-Nomination of staff for courses on administrative promotions for staff.

-Preparation of the annual plan of courses, seminars and workshops organized by the College.

-Issuing administrative orders related to commissioning, to provide all activities from courses, seminars or workshops and support books of participating in these activities.

-Carrying out other administrative tasks such as: printing and issuing administrative order and save in files.

-Preparation of monthly and annual reports “for the scientific activities of the Faculty.

-Organization of the Unit’s work electronically point of work shop(continuous education) 1 in embryology (continuous education)