Policies and descriptions

The Plan of the College of Medicine for Community`s ServiceCommunity Services Provided by the CollegeThe College of Medicine actively contributes to providing services to the community, whether medical, educational or social. The college continues to cooperate with the rest of society and institutions of the state in order to improve the service actuality in Nineveh Governorate in particular and Iraq in general. The college engages in the following areas:

  1. Forming a committee consisting of the Vice- Dean for Administrative Affairs, the Director of the Quality Assurance Unit of the Quality Assurance Division, the Director of Accounts Division, the Director of Administration and others as needed for the purpose of implementing and displaying the college’s plans in community service.
  2. The electronic clinic. It operates during health closing downs, curfews, and natural disasters.
  3. The general voluntary clinic. It is going to open next year and will be held once or twice a year. Its purpose is to provide free medical services to university cadres and students.
  4. Continuous education. The college woks on conducting training courses for college and university employees such as conducting first aid courses.
  5. The college is keen to organize electronic and physical educational seminars and workshops.
  6. Associating teaching staff to work in the hospitals of Nineveh Health Department.
  7. Participation the dean, heads of the departments, in the councils of directors’ educational hospitals and Nineveh Health Department.
  8. Opening the medical research centers affiliated with the University of Mosul, under the management of the dean and participating of the teaching staff of the college.
  9. Supporting and organizing field visits and practices for teaching staff of the college with participated students to provide medical and awareness services to the districts and countryside of Nineveh Governorate whether within the activities of University of Mosul or independent events which organized by the College of Medicine alone. It is supposed to organize a field visit within the activities of University of Mosul in August 2022 in addition to other visits in the next year.
  10. Organizing festivals and charitable activities.
  11. Openness to the institutions of Nineveh Governorate and completing the agreement contract with Nineveh Education Department.For courses description visit the link belowرابط الملف المرفق