College Structure

College structure

First: Divisions and units associated with the Deanship of the College
1. Dean and the secret mail.
2. Oversight and internal auditing.
3. Quality assurance and University performance.
4. Media and public relations.
5. Iraqi Journal of Pharmacy (IJP).
6. Library unit.
7. Other units and committees are linked to the Deanship of the College, including the Promotion Committee, which works to regulate the process academic promotions for the faculty members and follow it up with the University presidency according to the regulations stated by the Presidency of the UniversityofMosul. In addition to the Examination Committee.

Second: Divisions associated with the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs
1. Scientific affairs.
2. Postgraduate studies.
3. Registration.

Third: Units associated with the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs
1. Legal affairs.
2. Administrative affairs.
3. Human resources.
4. Accounts Division.
5. Maintenance and Services Unit.