Department of Clinical laboratory Sciences

Clinical laboratories Science department
One of the youngest departments in the College of Pharmacy established in September 2012. It is considered as the largest department in the college as it contains the largest number of faculty members; also, it includes most of the subjects ta for graduate study at the college ades about fifteen
subject responsible for student education in the field of clinical laboratory tests.Vision :
The Clinical laboratory sciences Department is the corner of pharmaceutical education and research in the College of Pharmacy.Message :
The establishment of the concept of laboratory analysis among graduates of the College of Pharmacy by relying on scientific sources and the use of scientific devices and laboratory techniques, and the application of modern scientific syllabus and activating the role of the clinical laboratory through the work of applied research.The objectives of the department :
1 – Preparation of professional staff of pharmacists to work in the health institutions in the field of clinical laboratory analysis.
2 – Founding of postgraduate study (Diploma, MA, Ph.D.)
3 – Achieve scientific and research cooperation between the laboratory science department and other scientific institutions (colleges, institutes, centers .)
4 – Upgrading the scientific research and advancement to the level of applied level to serve the community with the promotion of scientific and cultural activities for teachers by encouraging them to participate in conferences and seminars within and outside the country.
5 – Preparation of efficient and scientifically trained teaching staff on modern scientific instruments in the field of clinical laboratory science by participating in training courses inside and outside Iraq.