Welcome From The Dean

May the peace, blessings, and mercy of God be upon you

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the College of Pharmacy, the bright window of the College to the world. This college, to which I am proud to belong, is one of the essential building blocks of the University of Mosul.

In the beginning, the College of Pharmacy / University of Mosul is one of the leading colleges in country since it was founded in 1964 and reopened in 1992, as the college is concerned with supplying the health sector with highly qualified pharmacists. And that is by presenting an integrated academic program for the various stages of university studies, starting from the bachelor’s degree, passing through the master’s stage, and then the doctorate.

In order to maintain this pioneering position, the College of Pharmacy has adopted a well-articulated and updated scientific study plan, covering all specialized fields in pharmaceutical, clinical and medical sciences, while providing the best capabilities of laboratories equipped with the latest tolls, and classrooms supplied with the modern teaching methods.

The belief of the Deanship of the College of Pharmacy in the importance of scientific research and its active role in building societies and advancing progress forward, the college was keen to establish laboratories specialized in scientific research to encourage faculty members and postgraduate students to improve the quality of research as well as to enhance research and knowledge cooperation between the College of Pharmacy And various other academic and health sectors. To confirm our goals, the College of Pharmacy / University of Mosul has worked and continues to hold scientific conferences, symposiums, courses, training seminars and specialized workshops on a regular basis.

In this regard, I do not miss to extend our thanks, appreciation and gratitude to everyone who made an effort and planted a tree in this great edifice, and we pray to God to grant success to our students and academic staff.

Professor Dr. Zeina AbdulMunim althanoon

Dean of the College of Pharmacy