Department of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants

The vision of the Department is to become a top-ranked research-intensive academic department in the disciplines of pharmacognosy. This vision is not only to prepare the under and postgraduate students for their future success in life through a host of up-to-date courses in Pharmacognosy and drug discovery but also to help them to develop a rigorous scientific attitude. This is in keeping with the vision of the School of Pharmacy and the University of Mosul.
The Department of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants has been integral to the scientific departments of the college of pharmacy at the University of Mosul. The disciplines of Pharmacognosy and medicinal plants span the basic mechanisms of extraction, separation, purification and classification of therapeutically active substances from natural sources, evaluation of their therapeutic efficacy, metabolism, and distribution, along with studies of the toxic or harmful effects of these chemicals/drugs on biological systems. Consequently, the Department of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Plants integrates diverse basic and scientific investigations on common research interests, providing unique capabilities to advance the discovery and development of new therapies. With a vibrant Pharmacognosy and medicinal plants Department, our strategic objectives are to provide a dynamic and diverse academic environment that fosters innovative, ground-breaking research in Drug discovery based on natural extracts and promotes strong evidence-based teaching and scientific training for our students.
1- Expanding our strengths in the field of extraction and separation methods, and getting acquainted with the latest technologies used in this field.
2- Providing a modern laboratory environment equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to consolidate the acquired theoretical information, through practical laboratory application.
3- Develop and update the theoretical and practical curriculum to fit the development vision adopted by our department.
4- Enhancing the multidisciplinary education of pharmaceutical sciences through cooperation with other Departments of the College of Pharmacy.