Department of Clinical Pharmacy

VisionEducation and training of students Curricula especially prepared for clinical pharmacy to bring into being qualified pharmacists competent to raise and develop the profession of pharmacy in general and clinical work in hospitals in particular.MessageProviding scientific expertise in pharmaceutical and medical skills by maintaining full quality for obtaining the scientific accreditation of the clinical pharmacy curricula in line with pharmaceutical needs. Furthermore, contributing to the provision of continuing pharmacy education programs and services for the unceasing development of pharmaceutical society.Objectives:

  1. Contribute to scientific and practical advancement in teaching students about clinical pharmacy topics in a way that achieves the college’s visions in serving the community.
  2. Enhancing the role of pharmacists in improving public health and diseases prevention through education and training.
  3. Improve the students’ scientific and practical level.
  4. Educating community pharmacists for enhancement of their knowledge and cooperation with health care providers in order to elevate the general community health.
  5. Serving the community by participating in various scientific activities.
  6. Consolidation of all clinical pharmaceutical sciences, and the possibility of its implementation in the clinical field in hospitals.The topics taught in the department