Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

MissionTeaching the basics of the department including analytical and organic chemistry to build a solid scientific base for medicinal chemistry and thus display its relationship and importance to other pharmaceutical branches.Vision

  • Building a solid scientific ground for undergraduate and postgraduate students that qualifies him to enter the field of scientific life in all its aspects.
  • The graduates fulfill all the requirements of community service through the solid scientific background that they will acquire.
  • Developing cumulative knowledge to allow graduates to keep pace with all the progress in the world and to become an integral part of the educational and research processes at all levels and fields.Goals
    • Preparing graduates with abilities and cognitive skills to become match for their peers graduating from all over the world.
    • Graduating pharmacists who are able to contribute to building pharmaceutical knowledge through teaching, research, providing services and playing a key role in the health services team.
    • Encouraging pharmaceutical research by publishing in international journals and by creating research teams at the national and international levels. Subjects of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry include:Analytical chemistryOrganic chemistry IOrganic chemistry IIOrganic chemistry IIIInorganic pharmaceutical chemistryOrganic pharmaceutical chemistry IOrganic pharmaceutical chemistry IIOrganic pharmaceutical chemistry IIIOrganic pharmaceutical chemistry IVAdvanced pharmaceutical analysisMembers of the pharmaceutical chemistry department