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In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Beneficent. Praise be to the Lord of all worlds. Prayers and peace be upon our Prophet, Muhammad, his family and all of his companions.

May the peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. It is my great pleasure and honor to welcome you to the most beautiful welcome on the website of the College of Education for Girls at the University of Mosul. This newly born College was established in 2005 alongside other colleges to serve our dear Iraq, and to meet students’ growing needs, and upholding the values of science, knowledge, research, and service development in our dear country. Read more

Prof. Dr. Demiaa Ali Abdullah Al-Zayedi

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College of Education for Girls

The college offers a range of academic programs and degrees specifically tailored for women interested in pursuing careers in education. It is established in 2005 and consists of five academic departments: Arabic Language, Quran Sciences and Islamic Education Department, Physical Education, Chemistry, and  Biology. The duration of study in the college is four years. It is an educational institution specifically dedicated to providing education and training for women pursuing careers in the field of education. It focuses on preparing women to become educators, administrators, researchers, counselors, and professionals in various educational roles. Here are some key aspects of a College of Education for Girls: Read more


To proceed: the department of Qur’anic Sciences and Islamic Education, with its various sciences, is one of humanities. It is the most honored one and the most among all sciences. It encourages all our girls to join it. It is concerned with teaching the sciences of the Islamic law, Sharia, particularly reciting the Holy Qur’an and its interpretations as well as Sunnah and hadith of the prophet Muhammad PBUH. In addition to the prophetic biography and Islamic jurisprudence. Moreover, the linguistics of Arabic including grammar, morphology, and rhetoric, and the inimitability of the Qur’an with all its aspects so the female student becomes qualified enough and have a  well-educated personality that enables her to serve her society and build her bright future depending on the values and morals of the Messenger of God PBUH by saying:(If Allah wants to do good to a person, He makes him well-versed in the religion)… Read more

he Department of Arabic Language welcomes its dearest female students from all Iraqi governorates. It strives with all its human capacity and material capabilities to qualify its graduates to work in the field of education. The department has exerted all its efforts to offer many services as well as academic potential. It vigorously seeks to inculcate human values and ideals that act in building the female students’ personality to be followed examples on the scientific and educational levels… Read more

The Department of Chemistry was established in 2006 and is considered one of the first departments in the College of Education for Girls. The department includes a number of academics who contributed through research, teaching and graduation of hundreds of female chemists who hold a bachelor’s degree over a ten-year period (2010-2020). Additionally, this department participates to graduate a number of female postgraduates who completed their master degree between 2013 and 2020… Read more

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. On my behalf and on the department of Biology staff members’ behalf, we welcome female students who would like to apply to the department of Biology which is one of the academic departments that are interested in scientific, educational, pedagogical, and guiding aspects. In the beginning, The Department of Biology was founded in the academic year 2006 and included at that time an elite of 10 members who started working and striving hard just as a core to form an integrated unit for the coming years. The department includes more than 30 members who work in various fields of Biology… Read more

Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences was established in 2005, and since its establishment; it has been assigned to polish the personalities of female students and promote the efficient functions of body organisms. Physical characteristics, acquiring movement skills by the female students, athletic capabilities, health, and athletic knowledge, deciding the promising patriotic directions, concentrating on social and scientific activities, and committing to the noble athletic spirit and excellent collegiate traditions. Because comprehensive education of an individual is a vital matter on which the promotion of society is based totally… Read more


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