18 September، 2023

Ammar Adil Ahmed’s M.Sc. Thesis ,from Computer Science Department, on Final Defense

M.Sc. Thesis Final Defense

As part of the academic activities of our college and the Department of Computer Science, Ammar Adil Ahmed has successfully passed his M.Sc. final defense of a thesis entitled “Forensic Analysis For Web Attacks” in Sept. 18, 2023.

The thesis addressed the process of forensic investigation of web attacks and methods for collecting digital forensic evidence and submitting it to criminal courts

The study touched on the use of the SQL Injection Attack method, through which the database of users, and private or governmental institutions is accessed. The verification process included four main stages, which are the stage of collecting evidence, analyzing it, documenting it, and presenting it in the form of reports.

The thesis aims to digitally analyze forensic evidence and present it in courts, with a special focus on the context of the courts. As society increasingly relies on digital technologies and faces more complex digital technologies, the focus has been on knowing the sources of attacks, their times, which browsers are most vulnerable to hacking, the number of attackers’ attempts, and taking preventive measures to limit them, as forensic tools and intelligence models have been used to achieve this.

The scientific committee included the following members:

  • Dr. Mafaz Muhsin Khaleel/ Chief
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Yaseen Hikmat Ismail/ Member
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Karam Hatim Thanoon/ Member
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Najlaa Badie Ibraheem/ Advisor and Member

Congratulations Ammar, we wish you all the best in your career