13 May، 2024

doctoral thesis by student Karam Muhammad Mahdi Saleh

Discussion of a doctoral thesis in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics – Department of Computer Science entitled:
Designing a digital forensic analysis model
Design a Digital Forensics Model
In continuation of the scientific research movement and with the follow-up and presence of the Honorable Dean of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics, Professor Dr. Doha Bashir Abdullah.
It was discussed in the discussion hall of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul on Monday 5-6-2024
Doctoral thesis by student Karam Muhammad Mahdi Saleh
Under the supervision of A.M.D. Naglaa Badie Ibrahim

The thesis submitted by the student dealt with the use of digital forensic techniques in the field of cybersecurity, as it aims to improve the accuracy, performance and reliability of digital forensic analyzes by developing a new model that analyzes heterogeneous data in a decentralized and synchronous manner in the Internet of Things environment, while preserving On privacy and reliability.

The researcher’s main goals include decentralizing local processing and peer-to-peer communication tasks, creating real-time communication protocols for analyzing concurrent devices, creating neural network architectures capable of managing heterogeneous data, using privacy-preserving federated learning techniques, and enabling scalable parallel processing. The packages are analyzed using digital forensic tools, collecting information, then determining the location of the attacker and automatically generating reports suitable for legal action and accelerating the analysis process by providing insights into cyber threats and breaches.