20 February، 2024

A higher diploma thesis Ehab Younis Mustafa

Defense of a higher diploma thesis in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics – Department of Computer Science. The College of Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Mosul discussed a higher diploma thesis ona hybrid model to generate strong passwords) on Tuesday, 20-2-2024. The thesis submitted by the student Ehab Younis Mustafa – Department of Computer Science, addressed the proposal of a hybrid model for generating strong passwords. The study touched on the importance of reliability systems in our time with the presence of communications and the Internet. And the extent to which it is needed to ensure the reliability and preservation of personal accounts from hacking by unauthorized persons.

The study aims to propose an algorithm that generates strong passwords using clutter systems and genetic algorithms. One complements the other, and the proposed model generates strong and efficient passwords. The chaos system (chaotic logistics map) is first triggered after an input request from the user, representing the system’s initial value. The resulting messy string is used to generate an initial password. The password generated by a chaotic logistics map is subject to a robustness assessment based on predefined conditions in the hybrid model. If the resulting password is not strong enough, it is directed to the genetic algorithm, which continues its steps until the goal is achieved. A very strong password is reached that meets all the specified conditions.

The discussion committee was headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Jagan Younis and with the membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Milad Jader Saeed and under the supervision and membership of Assistant Professor Dr. Saja Jassim Muhammad Qado.