18 March، 2024

A master’s thesis by (Nagham Ibrahim Abdullah)

Discussion of a master’s thesis in the College of Computer Science and Mathematics – Department of Informatics and Informatics entitled: Different Methods of Parameter Estimation for some Mixture Survival Distributions with Application.
In continuation of the scientific research movement and with the follow-up and presence of the Dean of the College of Computer Science and Mathematics

Respected Professor Dr. Duha Bashir Abdullah

Master’s thesis by the student (Nagham Ibrahim Abdullah)

supervision by Assistant Professor Dr

Raya Salim Mohammad Ali.

This thesis included a study of mixture distribution models, which was obtained by mixing two or more single distributions in certain proportions through a parameter called the mixing parameter , whose value is  such that . three distributions were studied, namely (exponential – gamma – Weibull) in two cases, the first when the components of the mixture distribution are similar and the second when these components are different, for the purpose of obtaining a good probability distribution it is characterized by high accuracy, efficiency, and modernity in representing real data.

The parameters of these models were estimated in two ways: estimation using the maximum likelihood method, using the Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm, and Bayesian estimation, using the Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm (MTH).

The results showed the preferred of Bayesian estimators for all models used

The discussion committee consisted of:

Prof. Dr. Zakaria Yahya Nouri – President

Assistant Professor Doctor: Rikan Abdulaziz Ahmed – Member

Doctor teacher: Safwan Nazim Rashid – Member

Assistant Professor Doctor: Raya Salim Mohammad Ali – Member and Supervisor