11 June، 2023

A doctoral thesis in pharmacology

A doctoral thesis in pharmacology in the College of Medicine entitled “The effect of bee propolis in comparison with vitamin E as an additional treatment for metformin on some biochemical tests in patients with type 2 diabetes” submitted by the student Sarra’ D. Qasim Al-Khayyat, on the morning of Monday, the fifth of June 2023.

The study aimed to compare the effect of bee propolis as a natural substance added to the treatment of diabetes mellitus to find out the potential benefits on the various functions of the body and to compare that with vitamin E as an antioxidant and what benefits may be of importance in developing the treatment of diabetes mellitus of the second type as it is a common disease in the community and has multiple complications. The study has come out with beneficial results for patients in the long run.

The discussion committee for this thesis is consisted of:

Prof Dr Ghada A. Taqa / Pharmacology / College of Dentistry, University of Mosul … Chair

Assistant Prof Dr Arwa M. Fawzi/ Internal Medicine… member

Assistant Prof Dr / Afra’ M. Al-Amin / Medical Physiology / member

Prof. Dr. Musaab Muhammad Khalaf / Medicines … College of Pharmacy, University of Mosul.. Member

Assistant Prof Dr Hossam El-Din S. Mohamed Saeed/ Medicine. He came as a dear guest from the University of Tikrit for the membership of this discussion.

The thesis was supervised by Prof Dr Emad A. Thanoun/ Head of the Pharmaceuticals Department in the College of Medicine and Prof Dr Nabil N. Fadel / Internal Medicine from the College of Medicine / University of Nineveh