6 June، 2024

College of Medicine-University of Mosul Concludes Final Exams for First Five Stages of Academic Year 2023–2024

The final exams for the first five stages for the academic year 2023–2024 have concluded after patience and hard work for a whole academic year.  Two thousands and five hundred students from these stages took theoretical and practical tests in 38 academic disciplines at various academic levels.

In order to place the University of Mosul’s College of Medicine at the top universities in the world, it must adhere to sound methods and rules for student evaluation as well as transparency, justice, and efficacy in its exam administration systems.

In addition to a central examination committee and eleven sub committees covering all of the college’s scientific departments, the college employs a special committee for measurement and evaluation to keep an eye on the efficacy of its student evaluation system. The Measurement and Evaluation Committee of the University of Mosul’s College of Medicine is interested in giving students feedback in addition to having them complete numerous questionnaires to assess the efficacy of exams and improving the procedures for evaluating students.

The College of Medicine’s Deanship endeavors to provide the college access to the newest technology for handling electronic tests and electronic correction through the use of an OMR device.

The college constructed the University of Mosul’s largest hall, which can accommodate 400 students, and renovated eleven halls of varying sizes. They are all used in the theoretical lectures as well as the numerous examinations that the college administers within the academic year. The University of Mosul’s College of Medicine therefore makes sure that the educational process develops in order to fulfill its vision of leadership among regional and global medical colleges.