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(May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you)
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the College of pharmacy, the bright window of the College of pharmacy worldwide, which I am proud to be a member in as it represents one of the building blocks of the well-established inveterate University of Mosul structure. At the beginning, the Pharmacy college/University of Mosul has been one of the leading schools in Iraq since it was founded in 1964 and reopened in 1992. It offers an integrated academic program  at the various levels of university education, from Bachelor’s degree to Master’s level and thus doctorate, which meets international standards, Foster to local and regional Labor market requirements and is attuned to new pharmaceutical developments .Read more

Prof. Dr. Zeina Abdulmunim Althanoon

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The College of Pharmacy at the University of Mosul was established in 1964 AD, then It was closed in 1970 AD after two consecutive graduations in 1969 AD and 1970 AD. It reopened at the University of Mosul in 1992 AD. Total years achieved for the College of Pharmacy 6 years before closing and 32 years after reopening (1992-2023 AD). Read More


Clinical laboratories Science department

One of the youngest departments in the College of Pharmacy established in September 2012. It is considered as the largest department in the college as it contains the largest number of faculty members; also, it includes most of the subjects ta for graduate study at the college adds about fifteen subject responsible for student education in the field of clinical laboratory tests. Vision :The Clinical laboratory sciences Department is the corner of pharmaceutical education and research in the College of Pharmacy. Read more

VisionEducation and training of students Curricula especially prepared for clinical pharmacy to bring into being qualified pharmacists competent to raise and develop the profession of pharmacy in general and clinical work in hospitals in particular.MessageProviding scientific expertise in pharmaceutical and medical skills by maintaining full quality for obtaining the scientific accreditation of the clinical pharmacy curricula in line with pharmaceutical needs. Furthermore, contributing to the provision of continuing pharmacy education programs and services for the unceasing development of pharmaceutical society. Read more

MissionTeaching the basics of the department including analytical and organic chemistry to build a solid scientific base for medicinal chemistry and thus display its relationship and importance to other pharmaceutical branches.Vision

  • Building a solid scientific ground for undergraduate and postgraduate students that qualifies him to enter the field of scientific life in all its aspects.
  • The graduates fulfill all the requirements of community service through the solid scientific background that they will acquire.
  • Developing cumulative knowledge to allow graduates to keep pace with all the progress in the world and to become an integral part of the educational and research processes at all levels and fields. Read more

Vision: Teaching and training students with modern curriculum to be pharmacists qualified to work in the pharmaceutical industries and drug control and quality control laboratories. The message: Providing students with scientific expertise and pharmaceutical manufacturing skills, maintaining quality, relying on solid scientific courses, and providing them with modern technologies used in the pharmaceutical and analytical industries within the current and future pharmaceutical needs, and contributing to continuing education programs for workers in the pharmaceutical industries and community pharmacy, and providing all services and capabilities to serve the community. Read more

The vision of the Department is to become a top-ranked research-intensive academic department in the disciplines of pharmacognosy. This vision is not only to prepare the under and postgraduate students for their future success in life through a host of up-to-date courses in Pharmacognosy and drug discovery but also to help them to develop a rigorous scientific attitude. This is in keeping with the vision of the School of Pharmacy and the University of Mosul. Read more

Pioneering in pharmaceutical teaching and scientific research towards the achievement of the highest level of quality standards and international accreditation for effective contribution to the scientific research and medical awareness of the society.
Providing qualified pharmacists with a scientific basis as well as theoretical and practical competencies to work as a professional with expertise in drugs and health products in relevant sectors. Read more 


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