16 May، 2022

Announcement regarding the Equivalency Exam No. 43

Announcement regarding the Equivalency Exam No. 43The Certificate Equivalency Examination Committee at the College of Pharmacy, University of Mosul will conduct the equivalency exam no. 43, which will takes place during June (Tuesday, 7/06/2022) for the theoretical part and on Thursday (9/06/2022) for the theoretical part of the practical course at the University Mosul / College of Pharmacy. For the practical part (laboratory experiments) it will be held within the laboratories of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Baghdad (the date and number of days will be confirmed later, according to the number of registered students).
Applicants wishing to take the exam (whose names are listed in the link below) must register via the following link after reviewing the important notes below:
Names of Candidates for FPGEE43 ExamImportant notes:1. To register, you must have an email address.2. The name of any registrant whose name is not included in the lists will be neglected.3. The registration period is until the end of May 25, 2022.4. We ask students to register a first selected center and an alternative one for the purpose of taking the exam.5. If the number of registered persons exceeds the capacity of the examination centers, the required number will be taken according to the precedence of the referral letter.6. All those who will register for the 43th exam (Attempts 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6) must pay the exam fees for the period between Monday 16/5/2022 to Monday 23/5/2022, otherwise the applicant’s registration will be cancelled.7. All candidate students must bring a vaccination card or a negative and recent PCR examination (no more than 3 days before the exam date), otherwise the exam will not be allowed.8. Candidates who register and fail to attend the exam will be considered as a failure attemptFor any enquiry, please write to the committee at the following email: [email protected] best wishesThe names of the pharmacy certificate equivalency students who are candidates for Exam No. 43Application form for the Pharmacy Certificate Equivalency Exam No. 43 for the month of June 2022