7 June، 2023

M.Sc. Thesis Final Defense “Amina Khalid Khaleel”

M.Sc. Thesis Final Defense

As part of the academic activities of our college, Amina Khalid Khaleel successfully passed her M.Sc. final defense of a thesis entitled “Design Solving problems of block cipher methods using the chaotic function” on June 7, 2023.

The thesis dealt with the use of a group of traditional encryption methods in designing a new system for block encryption in which these methods are mixed with modern ideas that help increase the strength of encryption and its ability to face potential attacks.

The thesis uses the chaotic Tent Map function in generating a random key and solving the problem of distributing keys, in addition to building compensation boxes in an innovative way that depends on characters instead of binary values. NIST, throughput, and Avalanche measures were used, in addition to the time factor in measuring key randomness and efficiency of the proposed method.

The final defense committee included the following members:

  • Associate Prof. Dr. Najlaa Badie Ibraheem/ Chief
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hazim Aljamas/ Member
  • Tarfa Yaseen Hamid/ Member
  • Associate Prof. Dr. Yaseen Hikmat Ismail/ Advisor and Member