Vision, Mission and Objectives


International pioneering and distinction in our innovative knowledge and original values



Our faith lies in capacity building and empowerment when it comes to education and learning, scientific research and community service. Our university serves to initiate basic and advanced university programmes in all fields, and affiliate them regionally and universally in a way that ensures the development of qualified graduates to support the society and its institutions. Our university is also keen to have a scientifically innovative environment for applicable research and intellectual creativity by adopting modern technologies in the light of encouraging humanitarian, ethical, and professional values, maintaining environment, developing infrastructures, and enhancing active partnerships with local, regional and international institutions.



1. Working towards an outstanding international rank that reflects our pioneering role internationally, regionally, and locally.
2. Supporting distinguished academics scientifically and vocationally in all majors, especially rare ones.
3. Developing and updating reliable academic curricula for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
4. Empowering university students and graduates by equipping them with skills and knowledge that enhance their intellectual and vocational abilities, adopting talents, and funding business opportunities in coordination with relevant ministries and entities.
5. Encouraging international publication of research in discreet assimilations and developing our scientific journals to join these assimilations, enhancing the findings of applicable researches and marketing them.
6. Applying modern quality control systems and developing depended national and international institutional programmes which consolidates university performance.
7. Adopting modern e-government systems and technologies as well as updating organizational unit tasks.
8. Reinforcing and varying sources of university funding, focusing on rational expenditure.
9. Developing university infrastructure to find an optimal educational environment that encourages innovation and creativity for both students and faculty.
10. Consolidating human, moral, and vocational values in students and faculty developing cooperation and patriotism towards society and the environment.
11. Building relationships and partnerships with international, regional and local establishments for joint positive cooperation in adopting modern practices and experiments.
12. Supporting community responsibility and community service initiatives through developing scientific consultations, and developing continuous learning programmes, and postgraduate research, in addition to encouraging volunteer work.
13. Promoting social responsibility and community service initiatives through developing scientific consultations, improving continuing education programs, postgraduate research, and encouraging volunteer work.