Nineveh and Mosul

Nineveh province lies in northern Iraq and Mosul is its center. The second largest city in Iraq, Mosul is 402 km away from the capital, Baghdad. The population of Nineveh amounts to 3+ millions. The major administrative districts are: Mosul, Baaj, Tal Afar, Gayyarah, Telkif, Sinjar, Hamdania, Sheikhan, Urban, Makhmour.Nineveh is one of the important provinces in Iraq, and a large part of the pioneering and important cultural discoveries are attributed to it. It is bordered by Duhok to the north, Salahaddin to the south, Tamim and Erbil to the east, and Syria to the west.Tigris penetrates the city for 214 km, not to mention the lake of the dam of Mosul which is 47.5 km long, and both tributaries, the Upper Zab and Khazir.