MikroTik Academy Program

MikroTik Academy

MikroTik is a European company which produces networking devices and software for data network management purposes. MikroTik routers are widely used to ensure numerous network management tasks in complex ISP and enterprise networks.

MikroTik Academy at University of Mosul
It is an official MikroTik academy which offers the following:
– Network Lab to do all MikroTik practical labs on real routers.
– Practical and theoretical lectures for the official MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA).
– The official MTCNA Exam.
– The official certificate for those who pass the official exam.
– For MTCNA Outline click here

Target audience
Students of Engineer, Computer Science or Communication and those who work in networking and IT field.

After completing the MTCNA course, student will get:
– Enhance student knowledge by doing real labs.
– Good knowledge in computer networking, computer security, Wireless and users’ management.
– The ability to work as network engineer in ISPs or originations.
– The official MTCNA certificate valid for 3 years.