15 November، 2023

Master’s thesis on the Translating the core values in the political system and managing social diversity

The College of Political Science at the University of Mosul discussed on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, a master’s thesis for the student (Nidal Fadel Rawdan Dahham Al-Anzi) under the supervision of Dr. Walid Salem Mohammed. The President of the University, Prof. Kossay Kamal Aldin Al-Ahmedy, attended part of it, along with Dr. Muneer Salem Taha, the Scientific Assistant to the University President, and Dr. Tariq Mohammed Tayyib, the Dean of the College, as well as several professors and students.

The thesis addressed the issues related to institutions (institutional values), which have gained popularity in political, social, and media circles, attracting special attention from various researchers and scholars with different perspectives during the twentieth century.

The study discussed that institutionalism, with all its values (complexity, organization, coherence, independence, and adaptation), is the process through which organizations acquire stability and stability. These are essential organizational elements related to any political system and include all legislative, executive, and judicial, as well as bureaucratic institutions.

The examination committee was chaired by:

-Dr. Yassin Mohammed Hamad, University of Baghdad/College of Political Science, as the head, with the following members:
– Dr. Mahmoud Azoo Hamdo, University of Mosul/Peacebuilding Center.
– Dr. Ali Hussein Yassin.
– Dr. Waleed Salim Mohammed, who also served as the supervisor.

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