17 March، 2024

A master’s thesis investigates “The Impact of Transformations on the Effectiveness of Foreign Policy Towards Regional Issues After 2014”

The College of Political Science at the University of Mosul discussed a master’s thesis on Sunday, March 17, 2024, by student Mohammed Hassan Ali, under the supervision of Dr. Adnan Khalaf Hameed.

The thesis addressed how countries delineate their regional and international status through their external performance and aspirations for increased direction and interaction of their foreign policy with their regional and international surroundings.

It highlighted that foreign policy for countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar has historically been characterized by calmness and distinctiveness, whether towards each other or towards others, unaffected by an environment governed by principles of kinship, Islam, and Arabism, indicating the difficulty of breaking away from the Gulf body and the norms established between them.

The examination committee was chaired by:
– Dr. Naji Mohammed Abdullah, Tikrit University/College of Political Science, as Chairman.
– Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tariq Mohammed Tayeb Al-Zaher, as Member.
– Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rafe Shereef Thanoon, as Member.
– Dr. Adnan Khalaf Hameed, as Member and Supervisor.

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