18 May، 2024

Authoring a scientific book by one of the faculty members of our college

The publishing house “Dar Al-Hadar,” in collaboration with “Dar Sana for Publishing and Distribution,” released a scientific book authored by Assistant Lecturer Ansam Saleem Mahdi. The book is titled: “Guardianship and its Legal System in Iraqi Law and Comparative Laws.”

The researcher pointed out that guardianship is among the most important means adopted by the Iraqi legislator and Arab legislations to protect minors, mentally incapacitated individuals, fools, and idiots, and to safeguard their properties. When a person reaches adulthood with a mental disability or is affected by a condition that impairs their discernment, rendering them unfit to manage their affairs, the law intervenes to appoint a guardian capable of overseeing their affairs, protecting them, their children, and preserving their assets from loss. Moreover, these legislations extend guardianship to protect the interests of others, such as placing a debtor under guardianship to prevent the squandering of their assets and harming their creditors. Islamic jurisprudence also stipulates guardianship for public interest.

Among the book’s recommendations resulting from the conclusion is the need to address the shortcomings in the application of guardianship due to ignorance of its provisions. Therefore, it recommends that official institutions play their role in educating the community, especially the Ministry of Awqaf through preachers and religious scholars, the Ministry of Education through its curricula, and the Ministry of Information, as there is a noticeable deficiency in the application and understanding of guardianship laws.

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