23 May، 2024

The attendance of the College of Political Science at the roundtable meeting of the Center for Peacebuilding and Peaceful Coexistence for experts, which discussed the indicators and measures of peace in Iraq

As part of Mosul University’s ongoing efforts to contribute to achieving and sustaining peace, and to work within the framework of knowledge integration and expertise integration, the Dean of the College, Assistant Professor Tariq Mohammed Tayeb Zaher, attended the meeting held by the Peacebuilding Center at Mosul University on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. The purpose of the meeting was to develop indicators for measuring peace in Iraq and to agree on the appropriate methodology for their implementation. The participants emphasized the importance of establishing indicators for peace, their potential outcomes, and their ability to provide a vision for decision-makers. They also stressed the role of these indicators in achieving positive peace, eliminating the causes of violence, driving development, and ensuring its sustainability.

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