3 August، 2023

Discussion of a Master’s Thesis in the Department of Food Sciences

A master’s thesis was discussed in the Food Sciences/ College of Agriculture and Forestry / University of Mosul for the student (Roaa Tariq Muhammad Ali Al-Hashemi) on Thursday, August 3 -2023. Thesis title (Evaluating the effectiveness of betalain as a food colorant and its effect on storage stability in cream ice cream). The aim of the thesis is to study the effect of different concentrations of betalain dye extracted from red beetroot and different concentrations of Red Dye 40 on the physical, chemical, microbiological, and sensory properties of cream ice cream. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Younis Al-Allaf (Dean of the College) attended a part of the discussion.

The discussion committee consisted of:

  1. Dr. Shaima Riyad Abdel Salam … (Chairman).
  2. Dr. Nour Jumaa Fadel             … (Member).
  3. Dr. Uday Hassan Ali        …. (Member).
  4. Dr. Qaswaa Youssef Jamil    … (Member and supervisor).

Then the discussion committee read the decision, which included acceptance of the thesis and awarded the student an M.Sc. degree.

*****Congratulations on Obtaining Your Master’s Degree*****