Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Department establishment information:

The College of Agriculture and Forestry was established in 1964. One of its departments was the Plant Production Department, where horticultural lessons were taught as part of its academic subjects. In 1969, the Department of Agriculture was established, and horticulture was one of its branches, as horticultural subjects were taught in it. In July of 1973, the Horticulture and Food Industries Department was created. The Department of Horticulture was separated from the Food Industry in July 1974.

Upon graduating the first batch of students in 1974-1975, the department began granting a bachelor’s degree in horticulture. Students were accepted to study for a master’s degree in fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals in 1976. In 1993, students were taken to look for a doctorate in fruit, vegetables, ornamental, and textile agriculture, and the first batch graduated in 1995. In 2002, the department’s name was changed from the Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Department.

Department Mission:

The department sets a renewable development plan to keep pace with scientific progress in the world according to studied foundations that meet the ambition to graduate a distinguished horticultural cadre scientifically and practically. In addition, the department conducts continuing education courses to develop the agricultural cadre in the governorate. The department actively participates in the university and community events held annually by the University of Mosul in the villages of the governorate.

Department goals:

-To prepare a scientific staff with a bachelor’s degree in horticultural sciences.

-To grant a master’s and doctoral degree in horticultural sciences (fruits/vegetables/decorations and tissue culture).

-For the teaching staff to conduct studies and scientific research in solving agricultural problems within the horticultural sciences.