Department of Plant Protection

Department establishment information:

The Plant Protection Department was established in 1966 as a division within the Plant Production Department. After the University of Mosul was established in 1967, the division developed into a branch of plant protection, including the two divisions of plant diseases and insects. At the end of 1973, it was decided to create a plant protection department with two branches: insects and plant diseases. The department’s study duration is four years, during which the graduate is awarded a bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences (plant protection). During the first and second years, the student studied purely scientific disciplines with some general agrarian fields. In the third and fourth stages, the student studied insects and plant diseases in scientific disciplines until 1981, when the specialization started from the first stage. In 1976, graduate students were accepted to be awarded a master’s degree in insects and plant diseases. In 1992, graduate students were accepted to be awarded a doctorate in economic insects and plant diseases.

Department Mission:

The importance and role of the department in the scientific activities that it has undertaken and is still carrying out to develop the agricultural process in the country through the following:

  • To create and prepare scientific cadres specialized in plant protection, including insects and plant diseases, at the level of graduate studies, technical cadres, and bachelor’s level that contribute to the advancement of the agricultural reality through the diagnosis and control of various agricultural pests.
  • To conduct applied and academic scientific research to solve the Iraqi farmer’s problems in the province and the country.
  • To identify, diagnose, and control the country’s agricultural pests, plant diseases, and pests that infect economic crops.
  • To organize seminars that include various research results and the latest scientific research findings in plant protection. Teachers and graduate students give these seminars.
  • To plan and manage pest programs for insects and essential plant diseases that affect strategic crops.
  • To offer consultations and experiences to many state departments, farmers, and public sector companies.
  • Contribute to community service through campaigns to combat pests, beekeeping, and environmental pollution through field practice carried out by students and under the direct supervision of lecturers in the department.
  • To prepare training courses, whether for agricultural extension workers or farmers, as well as participate in courses held by the Ministry of Agriculture through lectures and programs organized by the department’s lecturers

 Department goals:

To graduate agricultural cadres specialized in plant protection to support and develop agricultural production in the country and empower farmers in this field.