Department of Agricultural Extension and Technology Transfer

Department establishment information:

The Agricultural Extension Department was established in 1973 under the Department of Economics and Agricultural Extension. In 1979, it became the Department of Teacher Training and Agricultural Extension, and in 1987, deanship abolished the Department of Teacher Training. The Department of Agricultural Extension remained until 2004; the department’s name was changed to the Department of Agricultural Education. Since 2010-2011, its name has become the Department of Agricultural Extension and Technology Transfer.

Department Mission:

The department’s mission is to provide qualified agricultural technical cadres and develop Iraq’s agricultural sector. It is by receiving the latest sciences in this field, carrying out extension research and community service, and working on disseminating modern farm technology.

Department goals:

1- To prepare specialized cadres in agricultural education and extension for the bachelor’s and master’s stages.

2- To study the problems related to agricultural extension work and disseminate and adopt the agricultural ideas developed through the research of lecturers and graduate students in the department.

3- To work on disseminating new agricultural ideas among farmers and farming employees through cooperation with the agricultural departments of the Ministry of Agriculture in the Nineveh Governorate.