Department of Food Science

Department establishment information:

In 1964, with the start of the College of Agriculture and Forestry establishment, the deanship planned to establish the Department of Food Industries. The dairy factory was established in 1965 under the Livestock Division. In 1968, work began on building the department and the food industries factory and converted it into a building. Thus, the Food Industries Branch was opened in 1967 under the Plant Production Department; at that time, dairy sciences were taught in the Department of Animal Production. In 1972, Deanship combined the food industries and the horticulture branches into one department. At the end of 1973, the dairy branch was added to the industries department as an independent scientific department concerned with teaching sciences specialized in nutrition, food processing, and dairy.

Department Mission:

The food science major is one of the essential disciplines that help provide the community with graduates who carry the scientific message in nutrition and food manufacturing, which contribute to improving the health of the individual and society. The Department of Food Science aims to serve the community through research, studies, and spreading nutritional awareness by studying the latest technologies in food manufacturing in an advanced scientific manner.

Department goals:

The department aims to develop students’ capabilities in primary or postgraduate studies to meet the community’s need for different nutritional specialties in food manufacturing, preservation, human nutrition, or food health. One of the department’s tasks is to qualify students at all levels to pursue their educational attainment through postgraduate studies, conduct research, or apply to government and private factories. The department also aims to serve the community by providing scientific advice to the various food factories, holding scientific symposia and training courses, and holding scientific exhibitions, especially in the practice of the university and society week, held annually.