Department of Animal production

Department establishment information:

The department was established since the establishment of the College of Agriculture and Forestry in 1964 under the Department of Animal Resources; then, it was replaced by the Department of Animal Production and Veterinary Medicine after merging with the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. After the College of Veterinary Medicine was transferred to the University of Baghdad, the department was separated into the Animal Breeding and Improvement Department. Then, its name was changed to the Department of Animal Production. Students were accepted for granting a master’s degree in 1973-1974, and students were taken for a doctoral degree in 1987-1988.

The department includes the following branches:

1- Animal feeding

2- Animal management

3- Animal physiology

4- Animal breeding improvement

Department Mission:

The department’s mission is to support livestock projects with the research carried out in the department and to find out the latest scientific developments.

Department goals:

1_ To prepare scientific cadres of primary studies students.

2_ To prepare advanced cadres in the fields of livestock from postgraduate students.

3_ For direct contact with livestock producers by holding seminars to identify and solve their problems modernly.