Department of Field Crops

Department establishment information:

The lessons on field crops were taught within the Plant Production department when the College of Agriculture and Forestry was established in 1964. On July 31, 1973, the Department of Field Crops was established. The department began accepting graduate students to grant a master’s degree in crops in 1973-1974, and in the academic year 1982-1983, the department started getting students to award a doctorate. Notably, the first doctorate was awarded in Our college from the Department of Field Crops in 1986.

Department Mission:

The department’s mission aims to provide a complete scientific briefing on field crops, both in terms of teaching and research, as it is one of the largest agricultural sectors in Iraq.

Department goals:

The department aims to graduate qualified cadres to work in the agricultural sector and field crops by renewal and qualify researchers who can bear the burdens of scientific research in field crops.

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