College Board

Members of the Council of the College of Agriculture and Forestry

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Younis Al-Allaf / Dean of the College

Prof. Dr. Ali Farouk Al-Maadedi / Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs

Prof. Dr. Arkan Muhammad Amin/Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs

Dr. Muzahim Saeed Younis/ Head of the Forestry Department

Dr. Moyassar Mohammed Aziz / Head of the Field Crops Department

Prof. Dr. Alaa Hashem Al-Taie/ Head of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Department

Dr. Ammar Younes Kashmoula / Head of Soil Sciences and Water Resources Department

Prof. Dr. Alaa Mohammed Abdullah/ Head of the Agricultural Economics Department

Prof. Dr. Sumyia Khalaf Badawi/ Head of the Department of Food Sciences

Prof. Dr. Omar D. Mohammed Almallah/ Head of Animal Production Department

Prof. Dr. Juhina Idrees Mohammed Ali/ Head of the Plant Protection Department

Dr. Ahmed Mukheiber Hamdoun / Head of the Basic Sciences Division

Dr. Talal Saeed Hamid/ Head of the Agricultural Extension Department

Asst. Prof. Nofal Issa Mahmeed/ Head of Agricultural Machines and Equipment Department