Department of Agricultural Economics

Department establishment information:

The Department of Economics was a branch of the Department of Agriculture. On 1/8/1973, the Department was independent under the name of the Department of Economics and Agricultural Extension. At the beginning of the academic year 1979/1980, the Department developed and became two departments: The Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Extension and Teacher Training. Acceptance of graduate students began in 1976/1977 when 47 graduates obtained a master’s degree and 13 graduates obtained a doctorate in various branches of agricultural economics. After abolishing the Faculty of Agriculture at Salah El-Din University, the Department joined in 1986/1987 with the Department of Cooperation in the faculty mentioned above to become the Department of Economics and Agricultural Cooperation. In 1991, Deanship changed the Department’s name again to become the Department of Agricultural Economics.

Department Mission:

The Department of Agricultural Economics occupies particular importance, along with the other departments of the college, in terms of the orientation towards preparing an agricultural economic cadre that will supervise the planning and management of the production process of the farming sector. The department derives its importance from its responsibility for the financial side of scientific studies at the college.

Department goals:

To achieve the department’s goals, it works in two main directions:

The first concerns the economic aspect of agricultural activity through the optimal use of agricultural financial resources and regulating the social and economic relations that link the population. It is done through agricultural economic research and studies for the department’s staff and graduate students.

The second is concerned with teaching the graduates of the preliminary studies in the college’s scientific departments the economic methods they may need during their work in the agricultural sector.

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