23 November، 2023

Discussion of A Higher Diploma Thesis in The Department of Soil Sciences and Water Resources

Within the scientific activities of the Soil Sciences and Water Resources, a higher diploma thesis in Soil Sciences and Water Resources was discussed for the student (Marwa Amer Taha Al-Shamaa). On Wednesday, November 22, 2023, Prof. Dr. Ali Farouk Al-Maadidi (Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs) and several college teachers attended part of the discussion. Thesis title (Using spectroradiometers to compare organic carbon values for soils of different grades under olive trees within Nineveh Governorate). This study aimed to achieve the possibility of using spectrophotometry (ASD) to estimate the organic carbon content of the soil under olive trees in areas of different levels, studying the effect of soil organic carbon on soil reflectivity values and revealing the appropriate expected range for estimating organic carbon content and comparing the efficiency of the visible and infrared bands in evaluating the soil’s organic carbon percentage.

The discussion committee consisted of:

  1. Dr. Omar Nabhan Abdel Qader (Chairman).
  2. Asst. Prof. Hassan Youssef Hassan (Member).
  3. Dr. Khaled Anwar Khaled (Member and supervisor).

Then, the discussion committee read the decision, including accepting the research and granting the student a higher diploma.

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