Graduate Studies

The Graduate Studies Division is one of the basic pillars of the college, as it represents an important link between the data and outputs of graduate studies and the university presidency and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The Division of Graduate Studies partners with the Division of Scientific Affairs in resolving the obstacles facing the path of postgraduate students, starting from their acceptance until granting them the certificate, through close and fruitful cooperation with the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and the heads of the scientific departments, as they form an integrated and solid circle.


The Graduate Studies Division works in the field of management specialization, which is the completion of all graduate studies-related matters, as it represents the link between the college and the university presidency to raise the level of studies in a way that serves the college and raises its scientific level.


1- The division aims to complete all transactions for postgraduate students inside Iraq (higher diploma, master’s, and doctorate), whether continuing or graduating, by following solid practical mechanisms to advance its administrative reality.

2- Follow all means to meet the requirements for graduate studies and solve all obstacles that students may face during their studies.

Tasks and duties of the Graduate Studies Division.

1- Answer the email received from the university.

2- Distributing university books related to graduate studies to departments without delay.

3- Checking grade documents.

4- Issuing documents in Arabic and English, as well as murals.

5- Follow up on the Ministry’s instructions regarding postgraduate studies and audit their implementation.

6- Implementing the paragraphs related to graduate studies that are presented to the College Council through the College Council Secretariat.

7- Recording and documenting university orders for students who have completed their studies in records and electronically.

8- Follow up on students’ academic vacations.

9- Follow up on payment receipts for private alimony students.

10- Issuing letters of thanks and appreciation to the professors who discussed them.

11- Supervising the competitive examination conducted for graduate studies applicants in cooperation with the college departments.

12- Supervising the conduct of exams for postgraduate students for the preparatory year.

13- Printing books and sending them to the university presidency regarding:

A – Admission and initiation of postgraduate students.

B – Cancellation of admission and withdrawal and replacement of the alternative for postgraduate studies.

C- Extending the duration of study for postgraduate students.

D- Upgrading the registration and returning students whose registrations have been upgraded.

E- Postponing the studies of postgraduate students.