6 April، 2024


The importance of afforestation and planting plants, shade trees, and other crops contribute to purifying the air, reducing temperatures, and reducing desertification, dust storms, and other benefits of trees. This contributes to spreading this culture and constantly educating the community to encourage them to establish such initiatives.

From this standpoint, and within the activities of the College of Medicine on the occasion of National Afforestation Day, and under the patronage of the President of the University of Mosul, Professor Dr. Qusay Al-Ahmadi, and the supervision of the Dean of the College of Medicine, Professor Dr. Basil  Saeed, on Tuesday, March 12, 2024, and in the presence of the Scientific and Administrative Dean’s Assistants and some Faculty and staff of the College of Medicine, the celebration covered the following topics:

The first axis: afforestation campaign

The second axis: An educational competition about trees among college members, with prizes distributed to the winners

Third axis: Distributing green gifts to students and employees of the College of Medicine.

Fourth axis: Workshop

The first lecture was “The Green Economy and its role in achieving sustainability dimensions.”

The second lecture was “Artificial Intelligence and the Green Economy.”