27 June، 2023

periodic meeting was held on Wednesday 21/6/2023

A periodic meeting was held on Wednesday 21/6/2023 in the deanship’s building under the supervision of the Dean, Prof Dr Basil Mohammednathir Saeed, and headed by the Administrative Vice-Dean, lecturer Dr Karam T. Tawfiq Al-Agha, and in the presence of the college staff, where the meeting was on the method of accreditation of the Jordanian Council.



The meeting included several topics, including:

* The administrative vice-dean commended all the employees for their efforts in the progress and progress of work in the college.

* Emphasize the joint cooperation between the deanship – staff.

* Taking care of academic staff, students and employees of special needs.

* Paying attention to the cleanliness of the college’s offices and its facilities.

* Being of a bulletin board for each department and division

* Taking care of security and safety and having a first aid services.

* Making a schema for the division’s procedures, i.e. the correspondence of each division

* Updating the website and having an email for all employees.

* Making the laws and regulations obvious and public.

* Awareness of the structure of division.

*Submitting a request by the director of the division for the courses needed by his staff.

* Conduct periodic meetings to the people.

* In conclusion, the vice-dean listened to the employees’ proposals, in addition to their suffering to rectify them

in the future.