6 April، 2024


Under the patronage of the  Dean of the College of Medicine, Professor Dr. Basil  Saeed, and the supervision of the Head of the Pathology Department, Dr. Zahraa Marwan Al-Omar, and the department’s rapporteur, Dr. Khalid Wisam, and the presence of faculty members, a group of seminars for third-year students in the Pathology Department was discussed:

1- Viral Hepatitis supervised by Dr. Moroj  Saleh.

2- Asthma supervised by Dr. Moroj  Saleh.

3- Peptic Ulcer Disease supervised by Dr. Ali Nazar.

4- Celiac Disease supervised by Dr. Khalid Wisam.

5- Colorectal Cancer supervised by Dr. Elaf Abdul Wahab on Sunday, March 17, 2024.