The discussions of the two students of the Iraqi Board of Histopathology took place in the Graduate Studies Hall / Building of the Deanship of the College of Medicine Today, Wednesday, the first of February [Read More]


Participation of Two Academic Staff  from the Department of Surgery at the College of Medicine in External Discussions

Both Assistant Prof Dr Zaid S. Khader / Supervisor and Responsible of the Mosul Training Centre of the Iraqi Scientific Council of Urology and Assistant Prof Dr Noman H. Saeed / Supervisor of the students [Read More]


Research of the Iraqi Board (Mosul Centre) in Pathology Concludes that Coagulation Criteria Tests are Important for Early Detection of Changes in Clotting Factors to Treat them and Reduce their Risk

The graduation thesis of the Iraqi Board student (Mosul Centre) in Pathology, Maryam M. Tawfiq Hammoudat, discussed the coagulation criteria in multiple myeloma patients on Sunday, 13th March 2022.The aim of the research is to [Read More]

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