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In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

It is a pleasure to greet and welcome all of you from the Deanship of the College (College of Education for Pure Science) and on behalf of all our academic, technical, and administrative staff as well as our students. We and our peer Colleges at the University of Mosul are very proud indeed of the successful development despite the massive barriers and obstacles that were put intentionally a few years ago in our path. This has been achieved through good planning, decisive decisions, teamwork, dedication, hardworking, and harmonic cooperation between all the sections in our college. Our ambition is great, so we motivate our amazing staff to do their best diligently and energetically to achieve a promising future. Read more

Prof.Dr. Kais Ismail Ibraheem 

College Dean

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College of Education is one of the most popular colleges in the University of Mosul, the college was established in 1975. In 2014 the college was formally de-merged into two separate colleges; the College of Education for Pure Science, and the College of Education for Human Science. College of Education for Pure Science includes several scientific departments namely; Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Biology.  These departments are run by high-level academic staff with up to 272 members. The harmonic cooperation between the academic staff and both technical and administrative staff enhances the educational and scientific processes and creates a scientific atmosphere to fulfill high-level criteria in both academic and scientific research. Read more


This Dept. was established in 2002 in order to accommodate the increasing number of High school students graduates, to prepare a qualified educational staff to carry out the teaching tasks required by the modern era. The system of study followed in the department is an annual system. The Department of Computer Science was established in 2002 in order to accommodate the increasing number of High school students graduates. Read more

The College of Education for Pure Science at the University of Mosul was established in the year 1975 to become the sixth college within the scope of the University of Mosul, as it was the result of the efforts of a good elite of distinguished professors and educators. Read more

It was established in 1975 as a branch within the Department of Chemistry and Life Sciences, and then it became an independent department in 1981-1982. The department seeks to provide an environment that builds the scientific and intellectual capabilities of the student and provides skills and practical experience while opening up prospects for cooperation with the rest of the corresponding colleges within the University of Mosul. Read more

The department of chemistry in the educating college for pure science was established 1975. Over the last decades, and with the excellent academic lectures provided by our educational programs, thousands of , M.Sc. and Ph.D. alumni have graduated from the chemistry department and gone on to successful and exemplary careers in industry, academia and schools government. Read more

This department was established in 1975 as a Physics and Mathematics department. Soon later, the department only specialized in pure Physics when the figure of students and the academic staff increased. The department of Physic is linked and cooperated with many departments and colleges interested in theoretical and experimental physics at the University of Mosul.Read more


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